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IT – Software & Hardware

IT – Software & Hardware

The courses being offered in the IT Software & Hardware domain are –

HardNet+ :

Computer Networks provide a wide range of services in our everyday life, from automated teller machines, airline reservation system and electronic mail services to the bulletin board. To serve these areas the demand for skilled hardware and networking professionals is increasing everyday. HardNet prepares an individual for a wide array of careers like Hardware Engineer, Network Engineer and Network Administrator. This course covers Core Hardware, Operating Systems, Networking Essentials and Windows Server Administration.
Course Duration – 10 Months

HardNet :

Hardware and Networking courses are gaining popularity among individuals who want to make their career in computers. In this field the students are introduced to the computing environment and trained to work with various computer devices and peripherals. They learn about functioning, configuration and troubleshooting of hardware components including Keyboard, Mouse, Storage Devices (FDD, HDD, CDROM), BIOS, RAM, CMOS, Processors, Motherboards, Hands-on PC Assembling, Installation of Printers etc.The role of a hardware engineer/network administrator is very much important in these sectors.
Course Duration – 2.5 Months

Basics of Computers :

This course enables students to move to the computerized environment. This course would provide them with an understanding of computers. Participants will learn about history of computers, Windows operating system, MS-Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint), Internet and Introduction to HTML etc.
Course Duration – 1.5 Months

Course on Computer Concepts (CCC) :

NIELIT offers CCC (Course on Computer Concepts) to impart basic computing knowledge to masses across India. This programme has essentially been conceived with an idea of giving an opportunity to the common man to attain IT literacy thereby contributing to increased and speedy PC penetration in different walks of life.
Upon completion, the student is able to use the Computer for basic uses such as letters, viewing and searching information on the Internet, handling e-mails, creating presentations for various purposes, working on spreadsheets for purposes like preparing databases, budget and other numerical applications.
Course Duration – 2 Months

Active Server Pages (ASP) :

With the integration of the Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) 4.0, the Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS) and Active Server Pages(ASP), the power of distributing applications over the web is a reality. This course is intended to show the powerful functionality of ASP to deliver real world applications over the Web. This course is targeted for the existing application developers who have some experience in developing client-server application. It will enable them to leverage their existing experience into building robust, scalable, Web-based applications using ASP.
Course Duration – 2 Months

Java Programming :

The course named “Java Programming” introduces the students to all the aspects of Java and its associated technologies like OOPS, Servlets, the JVM, Security and Networking features. With the help of Java you can create Applets for the standalone programs. The Java course offers fundamentals of the Java programming language, Security Features of Java, Event handling, programming the Abstract Window Toolkit(AWT) and Network programming.
Course Duration – 2 Months

C & C++ Programming :

As the application of software in modeling real life problems was being extended, conventional programming methodology provided a solution. C++ is a powerful modern language that combines the power, elegance and flexibility of the ‘C’ language and features of Object-oriented programming.
Course Duration – 2 Months

C# Programming :

C# (C-SHARP) is the buzzword in the programming realms of the world. The course introduces participants to various aspects of C# like the type-system, statements, syntax, classes and objects, interfaces, exception handling, writing components, working with Visual Studio. NET, creating window based and console based applications. The course also emphasizes on implementation details of newly introduced keywords such as sealed, virtual, delegate, etc. for effective implementation of object oriented concepts and .NET strategy.
Course Duration – 2 Months

Web Design :

The Web has woven itself into our lives so intimately that it is difficult not to notice its influence on our mode of gathering information. To say that the future of information technology lies on the Web would not be an overstatement. Professionals from streams as diverse as academics and the advertisement industry are becoming aware of the potentialities of the Web. This course named “Web Design Internet, HTML, Flash, Dreamweaver and XML” introduces the students to all the aspects of creating Websites.
Course Duration – 2 Months

Sql Server 7.0 (Design and Implementation) :

This course is designed for database programmers, system administrators and especially, distributed application developers. Distributed applications with their components, encapsulating business logic and application workflow, distributed across the network, require the services of a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) to manage data services. SQL Server 7.0 includes all the standard RDBMS features.
Course Duration – 2 Months

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